California Surf Check Poster


The California Collection | Item No. 14

A bucket list of the best surf spots up and down the California coast. Designed by Amy Hood. Printed by Czar Press on 16 x 20″ paper. Limited edition of 150.


California is the promise land of surfing and this poster has our unofficial list of surf spots you have to hit from San Diego to Eureka. Each legendary location includes a check box for you to mark off as you go. A scavenger hunt of surfing if you will! Some people have a bucket list of what they want to do before they do, but our list includes things to do if you WANT to die (i.e. surf Mavericks – which we sooooo don’t recommend and thus put it as extra credit. In case you’re Mike Parsons or something).

This poster measures 16×20″ and was printed locally by our pals at Czar Press on French Paper. Each print is signed and numbered by Amy Hood, the artist. Limited run of 150. See you in the water!

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 26 x 3 in