About Odds and Sods


Odds and Sods creates unnecessary necessaries. Knicks and knacks that make life oh-so-fine. Baubles and babushkas dedicated to the places we call home, and those we leave home for. From the frosty mountains to the sandy shores, from the cities to the farms, theres a big oleworld out there and lots to see. Get out there, open your eyes and ears, and soak it up.



We donate 3% of the profits we make to conservation education and wildlife protection in California and beyond.

Odds and Sods pin packaging is printed using soy based inks on 10% post-consumer recycled, chlorine free Domtar paper that is Rainforest Alliance and FSC® Certified.


Every place that we go, every person that we meet, has a story to tell. See things from a different perspective. The more you know, the more you understand.

Empathy + Liberty

Amy and Jennifer Hood


Odds and Sods enamel pins, posters and bandanas are designed in Newport Beach, California by Jennifer and Amy Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co. in collaboration with their friends around the globe.

Featured Charity

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation has been championing conservation causes since 1936 through education, policy reform and assistance to individual organizations. Read more on their website: www.nwf.org